These are the links by therapist for the telehealth sessions.  Simply click on the link and type your name and you will be placed in the waiting room until the therapist starts the session.  This is a HIPAA compliant secure platform.  For questions, please call the office, send a message to your provider through your patient portal, or email your provider.  

You may now request an appointment from your patient portal in addition to calling our office to set up an appointment!

Mary Godin                                                         Email address: [email protected]

Shawn Morton                                                Email address: [email protected]

Alexis Steele                                      Email address: [email protected]

Jennifer Gilman                                                   Email address: [email protected]

Kim Johnson                                                            Email address: [email protected]

Kimberly Giddo                                    Email address: [email protected]

Kate Greig                                            Email address: [email protected]

Gabriele Jones                                            Email address: [email protected]

Michelle Drago                                                 Email address: [email protected]

Erin Watlingon  http:/                               
Email address: [email protected]

Brittni Adkins                                             
Email address: [email protected]

Angela Smith
   Https://                                Email address: [email protected]

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